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“Year in Review” - Premier is so excited to help Arrowhead High School’s Manufacturing program

Premier, Hwacheon and Arrowhead are excited to announce a new partnership to enhance their Design Engineering Manufacturing Facility.

Look for more information about this exciting news that is going to enhance Arrowhead’s manufacturing program to help prepare our youth for their future in the manufacturing industry.

Premier is proud to be your exclusive distributor of all Hwacheon products for the state of Wisconsin and UP of Michigan and friend of Wisconsin High School’s looking to help our youth prosper in the manufacturing industry like Arrowhead.

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“Year in Review” - Breaking NEWS: GROB Systems announces a new partnership with Premier Machine Tool Midwest

Bluffton, Ohio -- GROB Systems announces a new partnership with Premier Machine Tool Midwest of Hartland, WI. The company will assume sales and service for the GROB line of 5-axis universal machining centers and automation systems in Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

“We choose GROB’s horizontal solution for 5-axis applications because it is truly a unique design,” said A.J. Schweda, Owner/ Solution Provider for Premier Machine Tool Midwest. “We believe that with the technology and reputation of GROB Systems, our customers will be able to separate themselves in a competitive global market,” he said.

Mark Schem, Regional Sales Manager at GROB Systems, says he was impressed by Premier’s experience as a machine tool service provider to many of the top manufacturer’s in Wisconsin. “Premier is focused on the customer’s success before and after the machine is installed. Support and implementation of new technology are equally important to guaranteeing our customers’ success.”

As an added level of service, new machine installations, technical support and replacement parts are directly supported by the GROB Systems factory in western Ohio.

Premier Machine Tool Midwest offers a diverse assortment of machine tools and accessories. It is a service-oriented company focused on delivering the highest quality equipment, service, and manufacturing solutions. See the full line at

A family-owned company, GROB Systems is among the world’s largest machine tool builders with a full range of production and universal machining centers manufactured in Bluffton, Ohio as well as Germany, Brazil and China.

Learn more about all the great products that GROB offers (Click here)

Premier is very proud of our NEWEST partnership that we can offer exclusively to our Wisconsin and UP of Michigan customers - Sales 414-254-5150 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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“Year in Review” - Another Successful Automation Project with our customer - Innovation Mold & Design

Your Solutions Start with us!

We are so excited to announce another automation project with our friends at Innovation Mold & Design in Germantown, WI. (Click here for their website) This is the third automation projects that Innovation has collaborated with Premier and System 3R.

Customer-specific Solutions - Modularly adapted to your needs

WorkPartner 1+ offers maximum magazine capacity in minimum floor space. Unlike many other solutions on the market, there is no risk of “painting yourself into a corner”. Our modular magazines give an unprecedented flexibility that can be adapted to each user’s needs. If you start with a single magazine, one or two more can be added whenever required. WorkPartner 1+ is equally ideal for milling machines, die-sinking, wire EDM machines, laser machines and grinding machines. Similarly, it is equally efficient whether used in one-off or series production. With generous magazine doors that facilitate loading/unloading, WorkPartner 1+ is extremely user friendly. Other advantages include rapid change cycles, integrated pneumatic control of gripping devices and table chucks and minimal floor space requirements. Achieve greater return on your investment!

Premier is proud to have Innovation Mold trust us with their Automation needs and we look forward to the growth of their company. Congrats to all at Innovation!

For your automation needs please contact Premier - Your Solution Providers. Sales 414-254-5150 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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“Year in Review” - Hwacheon VESTA-1300B, 8,000RPM, CAT50 30 Tools VERTICAL MACHINING CENTER

Everything about VESTA-1300B is detail. This machining center doesn't miss even the smallest detail to ensure top performance.

The spindle is the heart of a machining center, and Hwacheon's technical know-how for the spindle is unrivaled. Hwacheon's high-performance spindle is designed using 3D simulations and FEM analysis. The motor is directly integrated into the spindle for stable and high speed cutting. To minimize thermal displacement and to increase the life of the spindle assembly, the unit is grease-lubricated and jacket cooled. The advanced feed drive complements the spindle for highly precise machining results every time.

MACHINE Standard Features

Air Blower

Coolant System

Base Around Splash Guard

Door Interlock

Lubrication System

MPG Handle (1ea)

Operator Manual & Parts List

Pneumatics System

Rigid Tapping

Coil Conveyor

Signal Lamp (R/G, 2 colors)

Ethernet Interface

Spindle Cooler (Jacket Cooling) Fan Coolar Type

Tool Kit & Box

Work Light

Lubrication Oil Separation Tank

Part Program Storage Length (512K)

10.4" LCD Color Screen

Manual Guide - i

Hwacheon Chip Conveyor (hinge type)

Cutting Feed Optimization System (OPTIMA)

Hwacheon Ai Nano Contour Control System (HAI) 40 Blocks

Hwacheon Efficient Contour Control System (HECC)

Hwacheon Tool Load Detection (HTLD)

Hwacheon Thermal Displacement Control System (HTDC)

Hwacheon Spindle Displacement Control System (HSDC)

Hwacheon Frame Displacement Control System (HFDC)

30 Tool Magazine

CAT 50

Profluid Coolant Through Spindle 30bar (435PSI)

Renishaw Work & Tool Probe IR Interface with GUI Software

High-Speed Precision - Heavy Duty Machining


In heavy duty cutting, stability is the key

- Main Features

1. High-Performance

- High-rigid Box way design for whole axes

- Hwacheon’s Handmade Spindle - Built-Out: Std.

- Max. Spindle Speed: 10,000rpm(Std.), 12,000/8,000/6,000rpm(Opt.)

2. High-Speed

- Max. Spindle Speed: 10,000rpm(Std.), 12,000/8,000/6,000rpm(Opt.)

3. High-Dignity

- Compact machine design

- Full Splash Guard (Perfect protection of leaking)

- Easy access & Maintenance design

- Environment friendly oil separation system

4. High-Productivity

- Hwacheon’s Original Technology

Premier is proud to be the exclusive dealer for Wisconsin and UP of Michigan for all Hwacheon products - Sales 414-254-5150 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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“Year in Review” - Another HAPPY Hwacheon customer in Wisconsin

We visited Another Happy New Hwacheon turning center customer in Wisconsin this week.

Hwacheon offers turning centers in the range of 6" chucks to over 35" chucks with many different bed lengths. (Y axis and Milling are also available on most models)

Learn more about why Hwacheon is one of the best turning partners in the industry.

Premier is proud to be the exclusive representative for all Hwacheon products in the state of Wisconsin and UP of Michigan.

Sales 414-254-5150 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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“Year in Review” - Another NEW Kira being installed into full production for one of our Premier Customers

Another new Kira machine going into FULL production for one of our Wisconsin customers.

Learn more about why Kira production centers are the machine of choice for serious production shops.

Click here to see a simple vide on the Kira Drill Tap Machines

Contact Premier Machine Tool Midwest your exclusive Wisconsin and UP of Michigan dealer for all Kira products.

Learn more: Sales 414-254-5150 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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“Year in Review” - Mold Manufacturing Automation Leaves No Part Behind - Grob & System 3R

Mold Manufacturing Automation Leaves No Part Behind

As seen in Modern Machine Shop (CLICK HERE)

The worktable on Omega Plastics’ newest, most sophisticated machining center doesn’t have T slots. It doesn’t need them.

From EDM electrodes to mold cavities to the simplest assembly items, virtually every part machined for the company’s plastic injection molds travels from workstation to workstation on a pallet with pre-established work coordinates that eliminate the need to re-indicate. At first, such a system might not seem all that unusual—at least not until one of the shop’s larger, 200-odd-pound mold base blocks is brought into the workzone on one of the same kinds of pallets for complete, single-setup machining. At this point, Omega’s thinking becomes clear: The automated production process in place at this 70,000-square-foot, 75-employee facility is not only reliable enough, but also comprehensive enough that the pallet receiver is the only interface the new machine’s worktable will ever require.

Putting together the three-machine robotic cell at the center of this Clinton Township, Michigan, shop’s production strategy required pushing technology beyond off-the-shelf capability, says Ken Arbic, mold engineering manager. Accommodating heavier steel required modifications to both machine and tooling, with the latter resulting in fixturing so precisely repeatable that some parts can even be removed from and returned to their pallets (or another of the same style) without losing references.

As was the case with implementing automated control in the first place, expanding it to cover the majority of a highly varied, low-volume part mix also required a strong foundation in what many modern mold manufacturers consider a key guiding philosophy. “Everything we do is about achieving a predictable result,” explains Jerry Heckendorn, business development manager. “Whatever the result, we can work with it as long as it’s repeatable.”

Process Takes Precedence

The basic idea is to eliminate the variability associated with the artisanship that defined traditional moldmaking. That means process must take precedence on every job. Specifically, a standardized, cut-to-the-CAD-model process, one that’s developed in advance and that leverages evidence-based practices, parameters and strategies to ensure consistent quality from tool to tool.

Of course, buying into a philosophy is one thing; living it is another. Among the best ways to make a process predictable—to reduce the impact of natural, human-induced variation—is to implement robotics. However, automation can be difficult in an environment like a mold shop where every part is different.

For Omega, that’s arguably even more so. The company was founded in 1984 by Tom Kaczperski, who saw an opportunity to provide quick-turnaround, prototype bridge tooling for customers ranging from entrepreneurs to Fortune 100 medical firms. The company has since expanded its stable of “a la carte” services to include low- to mid-volume production tools, components, molding and assemblies, but high-end prototyping/development and bridge tools still constitute the bulk of the approximately 450 molds produced annually at Omega, Mr. Heckendorn says. Complex by prototyping standards, this tooling produces plastic parts to final specifications, but only a few at a time at most, whereas the more feature-rich production mold might churn out 30, 60 or even upwards of 100 parts per cycle. Such low-cavity work provides little opportunity to machine parts in any significant volume.

One exception to that rule is perhaps the most obvious target for automation at any mold shop: graphite EDM electrodes (Omega produces about 40 per day). Given the labor involved with swapping these components in and out of the toolchanger, the shop’s ram EDM was the first to be integrated with a Workmaster carousel robot purchased from System 3R (a division of GF Machining Solutions) in 2003. Next came a three-axis graphite-machining mill that, once integrated with the robot, could keep the EDM fed with enough electrodes for an entire weekend of completely unattended production. Before long, Omega was taking on additional electrode work from other shops rather than outsourcing its own.

However, the team still wasn’t satisfied. As far as Mr. Arbic and Mr. Heckendorn are concerned, efforts to integrate another machining center for metalcutting set the shop apart from many others with a similar manufacturing philosophy.

Everything on a Pallet

Today, the robotic cell contains a Mitsubishi EA-12V ram EDM from MC Machinery Systems, a Makino V56 three-axis machining center outfitted for cutting graphite, and a five-axis G350 universal machining center from Grob Systems that cuts tool steel and aluminum. The common interface linking these three machines is modular tooling from System 3R, which consists of drawbar-linked chucks and pallets that provide repeatable, three-point referencing to within ±0.002 mm. That’s more than sufficient to shuttle pallets from machine to machine without re-indicating the work at each station, Mr. Arbic says.

However, this strategy proved easier to implement for the EDM and graphite-cutting machines than for the metalcutting mill. For one, the interface between workpiece and pallet wasn’t as rigid as the vises and magnets the shop used previously for milling operations. In addition, EDM operations tend to occur at the end of the process, he explains. That is, parts emerge from the machine complete, and electrodes stay on their pallets throughout their entire lifetimes. In contrast, work slated for the metal mill often has to be sent outside the shop for heat treatment first, and it is more likely to experience mid-stream engineering changes.

Even with sufficient rigidity, that meant taking parts off their pallets and losing all offsets in the process, but no longer. Now, the reference system for any CAM program is intact as soon as the part is mounted on a pallet. In addition to heat-treat and engineering-change situations, this capability is particularly useful for emergency repair or replacement work. “We can put damaged parts back on pallets with intact references, and we can also make new inserts from original CAD files with very high confidence that they’ll fit,” Mr. Heckendorn says. How is this possible? The shop has developed its own, proprietary referencing scheme and taken efforts to eliminate variation within the fixturing system.

Mr. Arbic emphasizes that there’s nothing lacking about off-the-shelf tooling from System 3R. Rather, the chief concern was the interface between the supplier’s precision-engineered components and the workpiece itself, which varies by user and can’t always be guaranteed by the supplier. At Omega, this interface takes the form of custom, high-precision subpallets in various sizes and configurations, all designed and machined in-house to ensure the fit with the work is just as exacting as the fit with the chuck on the machine table. The shop has also taken steps to keep parts secure when exposed to milling forces that typically exceed anything they would experience during sinker EDM burning. “Making our own subpallets allows us to take advantage of System 3R’s accuracy, but double and triple the size of the component we can mount,” he explains.

All pallets are surface-ground to ensure size varies by no more than 0.0001 inch. Attention was also given to the shape and the pattern of the set of holes linking subpallet to work as well as those linking custom subpallet to System 3R pallet. Experimenting with these and other features has enabled the shop to develop a system that ensures exacting precision and rigidity all the way from chuck to workpiece, Mr. Arbic says. Raw stock is cut from square barstock into blocks measuring 2.5 by 2.5 by 3.5 inches (large enough to cover most work), and pre-machined, pallet-connecting hole patterns provide a mix of horizontal and vertical mounting configurations. Setup personnel simply select the proper block, mount it to a pallet, insert the pallet into the robot carousel, and let the part program do the rest.

The shop’s common master reference, a custom-designed tooling ball, is just as important as precise fixturing for ensuring parts can removed and placed back into the system without re-alignment, Mr. Arbic says. For every job, this tooling ball is referenced in the CAD file along with a model of the pallet. By locating every feature of every part in relation to the ball geometry, programmers ensure consistent quality across all work. When a pallet moves to a new machine, the only extra step is a brief spindle probe touch-off to confirm not part zero, but the machine’s own zero position. “What (Mr. Arbic and the rest of the team) have done is packaged a method of referencing all workpieces through the entire process, and that scheme is a standard for Omega,” Mr. Heckendorn says.

Getting here wasn’t “rocket science,” Mr. Arbic says about the shop’s work with its pallets and referencing scheme. In fact, he claims any shop with sufficient expertise could likely do the same thing with a system as exacting as System 3R’s. That’s not to suggest such expertise is easy to find, or that applying even basic physics and engineering principles is easy. “It took a lot of trial and error, and having a collaborative internal team of lead moldmakers, tooling engineers, experienced CNC programmers, operators and designers made all the difference,” he says.

The System 3R-based tooling extends standardization and control beyond machines directly tended by the robot. For example, manually loading the shop-floor CMM (coordinate measuring machine) is fast and easy enough that every part, including all electrodes, can be inspected without affecting the shop’s average three- to four-week lead times. Fast, repeatable setups also make it viable to remove parts from the pallets on manually loaded wire EDM machines rather than the cruder sawing process. In addition to being more precise, the EDM can eliminate an extra setup when geometry must be wire-cut into the mounting face of a part anyway. Even the Grob must be loaded manually with the largest mold bases and base plates because the robot’s weight limit is 110 pounds. Nonetheless, a common workholding interface keeps it integrated with the shop’s manufacturing system.

At first, leadership had to enforce adherence to the palletization system, he adds. However, it didn’t take long for crewmembers to begin requesting pallets on their own for virtually everything, including very basic components like custom fixtures, gibs, stripper plates and other minor assembly items. The system’s stability and precision also facilitates mounting long or odd-shaped components that wouldn’t have previously seemed suitable for pallets, such as custom ejector pins. “Pretty much everything here goes on a pallet,” he says.

Scaling Up

The first custom subpallets were developed for the smallest work: 5-by-8-inch core and cavity inserts for the quick-change mold frames favored by company’s bridge tooling customers. Once finalized, the subpallet design was simply scaled up to also cover 7-by-11-, 10-by-15-, and, finally, 18-by-18-inch plates. Today, Omega employs a combination of small, medium and large custom subpallets of various styles as well as multiple variations of System 3R pallets in 54-mm, 70-mm, and 156-mm sizes.

Machining scaled up along with workholding, both in terms of size and sophistication, Mr. Arbic says. The first major change was from a three-axis VMC to one with a two-axis rotary table that enabled 3+2 machining. This eliminated the need for manual setup adjustments to provide spindle access to multiple part faces. However, he says that machine’s rotary table, spindle housing and other components left no room for larger parts like mold bases and base plates, particularly when mounted on pallet stacks. The model in place now, Grob’s G350, suffers no such restrictions, offering the ability to accommodate blocks even larger than the 18-by-18-by-3-inch plates for the largest, standard quick-change frames. With an auto-opening door, a feature requested by Omega and incorporated by Grob, the machine can also be integrated with the robot. That’s a contrast with previous models that required human operators to swap pallets in and out of the table chuck.

The machine’s spacious workzone is thanks largely to its horizontal spindle, which retracts back into the enclosure (including for toolchanges), as well as its one-sided trunnion table, which can flip a full 180 degrees. These two features allow the shop to machine mold base waterlines as deep as 22 inches by drilling to half depth, then flipping the part to bore the rest of the hole from the other side, Mr. Arbic says. Along with carefully programmed 3+2 machining routines, this configuration also makes complex features more accessible than ever before, he adds. That facilitates the use of shorter, more rigid tool assemblies to achieve tighter tolerances and smoother finishes. The machines’ 202-tool-capacity automatic toolchanger (ATC) also prevents tool availability or breakage from limiting lights-out capacity. He adds that the combination of a 26,000-rpm, HSK63A spindle and 63 Nm of torque provide versatility for both heavy material removal and fine finishing operations.

Grob and Grob dealer Merrifield Machinery Solutions (Pontiac, Michigan) deserve much of the credit for getting the machine up and running in the way the shop prefers, Mr. Arbic says. For instance, few users request smooth worktables with nothing but a specific chuck style (a choice that provides a mild chip evacuation advantage while also evidencing the shop’s confidence in its manufacturing strategy). Another example was the addition of a pneumatic amplification system at the back of the machine, a project that also involved consultations with System 3R representatives. Pictured in the slideshow at the top of the article, this system boosts the locking force of the System 3R MacroMagnum automatic table chuck to its maximum. That wouldn’t have been possible with standard shop air.

Altogether, the new machine and modified fixturing have advanced the cell to the point where it can accommodate about 80 percent of all Omega’s work. Based on this shop’s experience, near-comprehensive automation in a high-mix, low-volume environment like a mold shop is anything but out of reach for anyone with not only the expertise, but the will to make it happen.

What a great Automation Cell- Premier is your Grob and System 3R representative for the State of Wisconsin and UP of Michigan- Learn more from your account manager - Sales 414-254-5150 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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“Year in Review” - Hexagon GLOBAL Classic - Quality at an affordable price

The GLOBAL Classic is an affordable all-purpose CMM for the dimensional inspection of a variety of components. It can be equipped with touch-trigger probes or optional scanning probes. GLOBAL Classic CMMs are used in a number of industries for first and final part inspection, fixture qualification and more.

GLOBAL Classic is a cost-effective solution for dimensional quality control. This CMM is equipped in its standard configuration with touch-trigger probes. Scanning probes are also available as an option. GLOBAL Classic offers the best price/performance ratio throughout the entire GLOBAL family.

The scanning version also benefits from the throughput improvements that characterize the GLOBAL line. The optional CLIMA structural temperature compensation ensures good accuracy in a wide temperature range.

Learn more from Premier Machine Tool Midwest an agent for all Hexagon Products- Sales 414-254-5150 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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“Year in Review” Earlier this year Premier met with the management of the Hwacheon team

Premier recently met with Hyoung-DO Kwon (International Director) and Robert Nedler (US Managing Director) to further cement our relationship with Hwacheon and discuss some exciting new information that we will be reveling shortly.

As Hwacheon’s #1 sales distributor of 2016, we both look forward to expand our relationship as we continue to grow together in 2017 and beyond.

Premier is proud to be the exclusive Hwacheon dealer for the state of Wisconsin and UP of Michigan for all their products.

Learn more about the best kept secret in the machine tool industry and all the unbelievable solutions they offer. If you have turning or milling needs, you should look at Hwacheon & Premier.

Sales 414-254-5150 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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JT Memorial Ski Race - This Weekend

On February 27th, 2012 we lost a son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin, fellow student, friend and teammate as JT Hilligoss died unexpectedly of a cardiac abnormality in his sleep.

JT Hilligoss touched many lives in his 17 short years. He was a little brother to some and like an older brother to others, who he took time to play with. He was a mischievous young man who liked to have fun. He enjoyed his close friends and always had many of them by him. He always had a smile on his face and had a way of making you smile. He had a way of making every day things fun. He was the happiest when on skis. It could be practice or just goofing around with friends. When it was time to race he took that part very serious. He loved life.

Premier Machine Tool Midwest is very proud to be able to help honor JT as a sponsor of the "JT Hilligoss Memorial Ski Race" this coming weekend! JT has a special place in our hearts as he was nephew of one of the owners of PMT- A.J. Schweda and worked for the other owner- Josh Witt- As evident by the picture below of JT in his uniform (or should we say Kevin's uniform as he didn’t have one yet)

We miss you tremendously JT but are so happy so many of you have signed up for your ski race to help honor you and give out college scholarships to those who most resemble your high school achievements!

This years event is being held locally at the Little Switzerland Ski Resort in Slinger Wi this Saturday starting at 8:30am.

Premeir is proud to be a sponsor of this great event! We look forward to seeing all of you soon at the event.

Forever in our hearts!

Click here for more information

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“Year in Review”: GROB 5-Axis Machining and Automation

Highlights of the GROB Systems G-Series universal machining centers. Based on a horizontal machining center platform, these 5-axis machining centers are built for precision, low maintenance and for shops requiring accuracy.

A retractable spindle and swivel-rotary table help provide accessibility to the workpiece, even with long tools.

The GROB's G350 - Generation 2 is a new model with improved dynamics, faster tool changes and expanded tool magazine capacity. By redesigning the tool magazine, the overall width has been reduced from 2,450 mm (96.5") to 2,000 mm (79") for a compact footprint. The maximum part size is 600 mm in cylinder x 600 mm in height.

The mid-size G-550T will be shown with the turning option for parts up to 900 mm in cylinder (O35.4"). The table rotates at 800 RPM while compensating for uneven loads. Maximum part height is 730 mm (28.7"), and longest tool is 500 mm (19.6"). All G-Series models feature the GROB designed and built table with 225° of rotation in the A-axis, and continuous 360° in B-axis. It is possible to completely invert the table for upside-down machining while chips free-fall away from the part.

GROB also provides a range of automatic pallet-changers, automation systems and expanded tool magazines. GROB will show the new rotary pallet storage system (PSS-R), available in three sizes to accommodate five to 13 pallets (630 mm x 630 mm pallet size). The system can be integrated and retrofitted to existing machines.

All GROB machines are MTConnect compliant with an optional adapter.

Premier is proud to be the exclusive distributor of all GROB products for the state of Wisconsin and UP of Michigan - Learn more - Sales 414-254-5150 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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“Year in Review”: From earlier this year- Niigata Multi-Function Horizontal Machining – Customer Case Study

As machine tool builders, we are continually targeting the design of our equipment to be aligned as well as possible with what industry needs. Many industries produce large valves and pumps and specific variations therein. A large quantity of these parts possesses similar features: flanges, holes, bores and internal threads. From a traditional machining point of view, these features are turned. That is, they are machined by rotating the workpiece and translating the cutter along a path that forms the appropriate geometry. Here are some examples:

Pumps & Valves Many of these parts, however, are non-round. Many cannot (safely) be held in a lathe due to part geometry. Furthermore, these parts require machining operations that are classical milling operations. Manufacturers have had to make these parts with the tools at hand. A most traditional solution is to use a horizontal boring mill for standard milled features and then attach a “facing head” for the bores, flanges and internal threads. While the part geometry can be formed, this method is highly unproductive:

   The operation must be stopped for the milling attachment to installed by the operator

   Tools must then be loaded by hand

   Tools must be located before proceeding with the machining operation

   The attachment doesn’t allow for through-tool coolant, which limits the chip load

Niigata developed a 2-pot Facing Head to make manufacturers as productive as possible. See how the facing head overcomes the inefficiencies:

   The operation must be stopped for the milling attachment to installed by the operator

   The standard ATC simply removes the CAT50 tool holder and installs a protective spindle cover, the Facing Head slides into position and the ATC then installs a turning tool holder. The operator never has to intervene.

   Tools must then be loaded by hand

   Once again, the tool simply changes from milling to turning

   Tools must be located before proceeding with the machining operation

   The tool is located before the machining cycles like any other tool

   The attachment doesn’t allow for through-tool coolant, which limits the chip load

   We can plumb coolant through the tool holder. Cool right?

To help understand the applicability of this tool on a specific part, consider the part below. There are four ports, each with a series of holes and flanges. In the first image, we illustrate a hidden edge view of the part. In the second, we generated a surface of those features that can now be machined using a Facing Head.

Solid Core – Machined Features using Facing Head To radically improve the productivity of your valves, pumps and fluid ends, please contact our Sales Team. You keep making these parts and we’ll keep finding ways to improve your operation.

For more information contact your Solution Providers– Premier Machine Tool - Sales 414-254-5150 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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“Year in Review”: From earlier this year- Another Successful Run-off at Customer's facility

Congrats to our team at Premier on another successful customer run off on their turnkey project.

This turnkey project was for both milling and turning with our solutions coming from our friends at Hwacheon.

We have a list of many successful turnkeys and look forward to working with you on your next turnkey project! If being provide the right solution at the right cost for your turnkey is important to you please consider Premier Machine Tool Midwest.

Productivity starts here!

Learn more from your Premier account manager - Sales 414-254-5150 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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“Year in Review” SORALUCE: Home of innovation

SORALUCE provides solutions at the forefront of machining

Inspired by innovation, SORALUCE leads the future of the sector by creating value for its customers, setting new standards in milling, boring and turning.

A wide range of products, solutions and services allow SORALUCE to supply from the individual machine to complete manufacturing lines that integrate turnkey machining solutions.

Check out their NEW website for more information

Premier is proud to represent all SORALUCE products for the state of Wisconsin and UP of Michigan. Call for more details 414-254-5150 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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“Year in Review” TOOLMEX: Largest European Built TUR-MN/CNC Lathe Installed in the U.S.

The largest European built Toolmex TUR lathe was recently installed in the U.S. The FAT-Haco TUR3000 was custom built exclusively for Ellwood City Forge in Pennsylvania. The TUR3000x22M lathe is processing massive forgings, requiring record turning torque.

Lathe features:

   Chuck diameter: 118" (3 m)

   Maximum distance between centers: 860" (22 m)

   Maximum weight of workpiece between centers: 220,000 lbs. (100 ton) without steadies

   Main drive motor: 300 HP (220 kW)

   Maximum machining diameter: 118" (3 m)

   Maximum turning torque: 221,260 ft-lbs. (300,000 Nm)

   CNC control: Siemens 840Dsl

   Width of bedways: 106" + 80"

   Rapid travel in X-, Z- and U-axis: 295 IPM (7,500 mm/min)

   Approximate machine weight: 960,000 lbs. (450 tons).

Click here for a short video of the TUR3000 (click here)

The TUR's flexible modular design allows customization to fit almost any turning needs requiring 24" - 140" swing over bed, 2-5 axes CNC, 20-500 HP main drives, load capacity up to 110 tons between centers and 6' - 100' bc.

Read the full article from Mfg News (Click here)

Toolmex Lathe Group is the national importer of TUR standard lathes.

Premier is excited to now offer the full Toolmex product line for all our customers in the State of Wisconsin and UP of Michigan - Sales 414-254-5150 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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“Year in Review” Hexagon- Who We Are - Building a world where quality drives productivity

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence helps industrial manufacturers develop the disruptive technologies of today and the life-changing products of tomorrow. As a leading metrology and manufacturing solution specialist, our expertise in sensing, thinking and acting – the collection, analysis and active use of measurement data – gives our customers the confidence to increase production speed and accelerate productivity while enhancing product quality.

Through a network of local service centers, production facilities and commercial operations across five continents, we are shaping smart change in manufacturing to build a world where quality drives productivity.

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence is part of Hexagon, a leading global provider of information technologies that drive productivity and quality across geospatial and industrial enterprise applications.

Hexagon’s solutions integrate sensors, software, domain knowledge and customer workflows into intelligent information ecosystems that deliver actionable information. They are used in a broad range of vital industries.

Click here for the video about Hexagon

Hexagon (Nasdaq Stockholm: HEXA B) has more than 16,000 employees in 46 countries and net sales of approximately 3.0bn EUR. Learn more at and follow us @HexagonAB.

Premier Machine Tool Midwest is a strong partner in Wisconsin and UP of Michigan of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence as Metrology is one of our four cornerstones of our business. Learn more at Sales 414-254-5150 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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“Year in Review” ARKU Precision leveler EcoMaster® - Leveling of delicate/filigree metal parts

ARKU Precision leveler EcoMaster® - Leveling of delicate/filigree metal parts

For sheet metal parts with a thickness from 0.3 mm to 5 mm

The precision levelers of the EcoMaster® series deliver consistently high-quality leveling results, especially when working with smaller, more delicate sheet metal parts. Achieve better results in subsequent processes with flat and stress free parts. The EcoMaster® is user friendly and easy to maintain, ensuring efficient operation.

Application in the aerospace industry

The ARKU EcoMaster® aerospace design was specifically developed for leveling parts in the aerospace industry. The high-strength and light materials needs to be processed in a chilled state. Important machine components can corrode in levelers with a rudimentary design.

The affected components in the EcoMaster® are protected against corrosion. This allows the machine to deliver consistently good and reliable leveling results.

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Premier is proud to work with the entire ARKU products for all you leveling needs - Learn more - Sales 414-254-5150 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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We Start today the popular " Year in Review" with New Service Van to better serve our customers

At Premier Machine Tool Midwest we provide great servicing solutions to our customers.

Today we added a new service van to better help serve you our customers.

If you have not been getting the best service experience you should give us a try.

Flat our best service experience, period!

Premier Machine Tool - Service Josh 414-550-4895 / Dan 414-550-9155


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Hwacheon SIRIUS-UL+ The Best Vertical Machining Center for Die and Mold

The SIRIUS-UL+ is manufactured to perfection with Hwacheon's workmanship that is quality recognized throughout the industry. The high-performance spindle, integrating Hwacheon's Oil-Jet Cooling technology, ensures consistent quality results after hours and hours of operation. The machine's Optimal Machining system offers a total production solution, from tool selection to final product.

The VMC is designed using 3D simulation and finite element method (FEM) analysis to maximize structural rigidity. The rigid frame features a bilateral gate structure that firmly supports the X-axis drive. It is designed to divert the load, vibration and heat from the upper section of the machine evenly throughout the frame. These features contribute to a stable feed drive after hours of operation, the company says. The short distance between the X-axis drive and the tool’s point of contact is said to maintain rigidity and enhance precision.

Software components monitor different variables related to work environment and machining conditions and make adjustments to increase quality and efficiency. The software was developed to increase thermal accuracy and machining performance.

Don't wait to learn more about the best kept secret for the Die Mold Industry from your Exclusive Hwacheon dealer- Premier Machine Tool Midwest for the state of Wisconsin and UP of Michigan

Premier Machine Tool Midwest – Sales 414-254-5150 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Premier Machine Tool Midwest

Traditions are at the heart of so many great holiday memories. This time of year takes me right back to my childhood when we all gathered for our Family Thanksgiving dinner.

I hope that you’re able to enjoy some of your favorite traditions and build new ones with your family this holiday season.

Whether it’s the parade, a family football game, or just the right amount of gravy on the stuffing that makes you say, “NOW it’s Thanksgiving!” – may you enjoy every minute of it.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Premier Machine Tool Midwest

Premier Machine Tool Midwest – Sales 414-254-5150 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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