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BREAKING NEWS: Premier Machine Tool Midwest is now representing INDEX TRAUB for Wisconsin & UP of Michigan.

Index Corp announces a new partnership with Premier Machine Tool Midwest of Hartland, WI. The company will assume sales support for the INDEX TRAUB line of CNC turning machine in Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

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The INDEX Group is one of the leading precision CNC turning machine manufacturers worldwide. The products of INDEX and TRAUB include single-spindle to multi-spindle to sliding headstock machines. Completing parts in one set-up is typical for INDEX and TRAUB machines. The corporate headquarters is located in Esslingen, Germany, with subsidiaries located around the world. Together with its network of distributors, INDEX Corporation is able to provide the best in application and service support to its customers from its corporate headquarters in Noblesville, Indiana. “With the challenges facing manufacturers today, including with part cost reductions and limited skilled manpower, we will educate the precision parts markets to the unequaled productivity and profitability of INDEX and TRAUB systems,” said Tom Clark, the company president and chief executive officer.

We provide unique manufacturing systems to everyday challenges within the machining and manufacturing industry, identifying a challenge the customer faces and uncovering opportunities to overcome the challenge and implement systems that maximize time, talent, and resources,” explained A.J. Schweda. “We look forward to introducing these machines to our territory.” For all those existing Index customers we are excited to start working with you to make sure your machines are making you Perform, Produce and Profit to your expectations.

To learn more about the great solutions that INDEX TRAUB offers please contact us at Sales 414-254-5150 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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USED MACHINE SOLUTIONS available for immediate delivery from PMT Midwest

USED MACHINE SOLUTIONS available for immediate delivery from PMT Midwest

Stamping & Fabrication Machines:

USED Lissmac Steel Brushing Machine Model: SBM-B 1000 Year: 2004. This machine has been fully FACTORY REBUILD. This machine is like new with new belts and brushes. Steel brushing machine SBM-B 40” machine = 39.37” working width 4 brushing belts (wire brush) LISSMAC systems for metal processing set benchmarks in innovative sheet metal processing through highly-effective, two-sided removal of oxide layers on lasered sheets using only one work process.


USED Kuraki 4TH Axis CNC Horizontal Table Type Boring Mill Model: KBT-11WDX Year: 1994. This is a great machine that is a one owner machine with an extensive maintenance history and a great price.

USED Prototrak K3 Vertical Milling Machine with Protrak SM control. This knee mill with factory installed control is a great starter mill at the right price.


These are just a few of the recent trade-ins on new machines from our customers. Please call today to learn about these great deals that won’t be available for very long.

Sales 414-254-5150 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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February Stock Special: Niigata SPN701 Production Center Solutions from Niigata Machine Techno USA, Inc.

The Niigata SPN701 Production Center combines highly efficient operation with heavy duty machining capability.

The SPN701 machining center installs quickly with its 3-point (base to floor) interface. The 43.3 inches of swing diameter, 47.2 workpiece height, and 39.4X x 37.4Y x 33.5Z provide the room needed to out-produce typical 24.8" (630mm) pallet horizontal machining centers.

The SPN701 machine boasts a high-speed 12,000 RPM spindle with a CAT 50 taper. Full 40 HP cuts are achieved through a high performance direct-drive headstock. Together these features perform to provide enhanced productivity for a variety of medium-sized components. High machining accuracy is further enhanced through the spindle cooling unit's removal of excess heat from the spindle and bearing housing. The Niigata SPN701 also features air blast chip purging of the spindle taper.

The SPN701 Production Center is an example of the innovative and intelligent design of Niigata's line of SPN Linear Guide Machines. All SPN machines feature stationary columns mounted to T-shaped mono-cast bases with traveling saddles, or Box-in-a-Box structures. This innovation, first introduced by Niigata, substantially reduces the mass of moving components and results in rapid traverse rates of 2,362 ipm. For enhanced rigidity and machine life, the SPN Series includes a heavy-duty ductile iron spindle saddle moving within the closed frame of the stationary column.

Also engineered into every SPN, Niigata's patented Synchronous Swing Motion Tool Change System (60-308 tool capacity) results in reliable and fast tool changes.

The Automatic Direct-Turn Type Pallet Change System on the SPN permits loading and unloading workpieces, or changing setups, during the machining cycle. This system maximizes machine utilization by increasing the time a tool is in the cut, dramatically increasing productivity. An open-type pallet changer design with pallet rotation allows for accessibility to all sides of the pallet.

A full enclosure-type splash and chip guarding system is provided on the SPN701machine.

The SPN701 is available with optional 8,000 RPM/40HP and 15,000 RPM/60HP 50-taper spindles. A flood coolant system is included as standard. Optional coolant packages can be provided for special applications.

We currently have Stock Specials on this incredible machine available to help you preform, produce and profit in 2018!

Premier is proud to be exclusive on all Niigata products in Wisconsin & UP of Michigan. Please contact your Premier account representative today to learn more – Sales 414-254-5150 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Kuraki & Premier are looking for your old workhorses!

And wants to make a trade with you!

Kuraki wants you to get more Efficient, improve product quality, accelerate production time, and save you money.

Make the call today to Premier Machine Tool and Ask A.J., Josh and Rory about the trade-in opportunities that Kuraki currently has with our stock machines.

Learn more from Premier Machine Tool Midwest your exclusive representative for all Kuraki products for Wisconsin and UP of Michigan -

Sales 414-254-5150 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Everything about VESTA-1300B is detail. This machining center doesn't miss even the smallest detail to ensure top performance.

The spindle is the heart of a machining center, and Hwacheon's technical know-how for the spindle is unrivaled. Hwacheon's high-performance spindle is designed using 3D simulations and FEM analysis. The motor is directly integrated into the spindle for stable and high speed cutting. To minimize thermal displacement and to increase the life of the spindle assembly, the unit is grease-lubricated and jacket cooled. The advanced feed drive complements the spindle for highly precise machining results every time.

MACHINE Standard Features

Air Blower

Coolant System

Base Around Splash Guard

Door Interlock

Lubrication System

MPG Handle (1ea)

Operator Manual & Parts List

Pneumatics System

Rigid Tapping

Coil Conveyor

Signal Lamp (R/G, 2 colors)

Ethernet Interface

Spindle Cooler (Jacket Cooling) Fan Coolar Type

Tool Kit & Box

Work Light

Lubrication Oil Separation Tank

Part Program Storage Length (512K)

10.4" LCD Color Screen

Manual Guide - i

Hwacheon Chip Conveyor (hinge type)

Cutting Feed Optimization System (OPTIMA)

Hwacheon Ai Nano Contour Control System (HAI) 40 Blocks

Hwacheon Efficient Contour Control System (HECC)

Hwacheon Tool Load Detection (HTLD)

Hwacheon Thermal Displacement Control System (HTDC)

Hwacheon Spindle Displacement Control System (HSDC)

Hwacheon Frame Displacement Control System (HFDC)

30 Tool Magazine

CAT 50

Profluid Coolant Through Spindle 30bar (435PSI)

Renishaw Work & Tool Probe IR Interface with GUI Software

High-Speed Precision - Heavy Duty Machining


In heavy duty cutting, stability is the key

- Main Features

1. High-Performance

- High-rigid Box way design for whole axes

- Hwacheon’s Handmade Spindle - Built-Out: Std.

- Max. Spindle Speed: 10,000rpm(Std.), 12,000/8,000/6,000rpm(Opt.)

2. High-Speed

- Max. Spindle Speed: 10,000rpm(Std.), 12,000/8,000/6,000rpm(Opt.)

3. High-Dignity

- Compact machine design

- Full Splash Guard (Perfect protection of leaking)

- Easy access & Maintenance design

- Environment friendly oil separation system

4. High-Productivity

- Hwacheon’s Original Technology

Learn more about this incredible machine with special pricing on stock machines during the month of February!

Premier is proud to be the exclusive dealer for Wisconsin and UP of Michigan for all Hwacheon products - Sales 414-254-5150 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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