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KIRA PRODUCTION CENTER PCV-30 - Compact, High Productivity and High Rigidity Machine

KIRA INNOVATIVE PERFORMANCE/ NEW DESIGN PCV series Advanced Machine, Computer Structural Element Analysis Construction.

Click here to see a quick video on this awesome machine

Key Features (Drill/Tap)

Strong Bed Structure

High-Speed Tool Change Time & Chip Change Time

Spindle with Speed Ranges from 10,000 to 15,000 rpm

Powerful Cutting with Up to 10 hp Motor

Rigid Tapping & Direct Drive

Siccor Supports on Back Side

High-Speed Magazine with Up to 20-Tool Pocket

Key Benefits

No Deformation When Loaded with a Dead Weight of 3200 lbs

Allows for More Productivity

Choose the Right Machine for Your Application

Take Heavier, Deeper Cuts

Precise Cuts & Elimination of Vibration Associated with Belt Drives

Prevents Misalignments at High Speeds - Resulting in Longer Life

Reduce Cycle Time & Use of More Tools

KIRA PRODUCTION CENTER PCV-30 - Compact, High Productivity and High Rigidity Machine for Automobile parts / IT parts / Electrical parts.


Learn more from your exclusive Kira Dealer for Wisconsin and UP of Michigan - Premier Machine Tool Midwest Sales 414-254-5150 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Multitasking solutions to increase the productivity and precision of machining processes

SORALUCE develops new multitasking solutions which are capable of carrying out milling, turning and grinding operations in one single machine

   The European manufacturer’s technology allows a wide range of machining functions to be completed in one machine, on parts of different sizes and shapes, with a high level of efficiency and precision

   The firm’s capabilities in the development of multitasking solutions will be on show at the TECHNOLOGY DAYS 2018 event which will take place from the 12th to the 16th of November in Limburg (Germany)

The multitasking solutions, which allow different machining operations to be integrated into one single machine, make it possible to reduce cycle times, save on costs and increase the efficiency of the machining processes.

In this sense, the European manufacturer of machine tools SORALUCE has reshaped the concept of “multitasking”, traditionally associated with the integration of turning and milling in one machine, thanks to the development of advanced technologies which allow the addition of grinding. This last operation is the phase which requires the highest level of precision during the machining process and the one which concludes the manufacturing of high added value industrial components.

“The technologies that we have developed at SORALUCE make it possible for the different stages of the machining process of components to be carried out using the same machine, efficiently, and providing high-precision results”, guarantees Andres Mazkiaran, Multitasking Product Manager at SORALUCE.

The multitasking concept developed by the company, which can be incorporated into the entire range of the manufacturer’s machines, provides advantages such as cutting the amount of time dedicated to the loading, unloading and centring of parts as, given that the different tasks are carried out in one machine, these operations need only be completed once.

But, in addition to this, choosing a multitasking system implies a reduction in investment in terms of the number of equipment, a decrease in the amount of space needed in the plant itself as well as the number of operators required.

Therefore, the multitasking systems are versatile, compact, provide great flexibility, increase efficiency in the process, are flexible and make it possible to produce small batches efficiently.

Own technology

The SORALUCE multitasking centres are equipped with mechanical transmission and high-torque multitasking indexing heads and SORALUCE tables which provide a high level of versatility as they make it possible to machine parts of different sizes and shapes.

With extensive experience in the field of milling and turning, SORALUCE develops customised cycles to complement the systems of manufacturers of numeric controls (CNC), such as the kinematic management of the heads which, using one tool corrector in the whole area, facilitates the programming of simple geometries and makes it possible to move from one process to another in the multasting solutions or customised cycles for different milling, turning and grinding processes.

One single event to open your eyes to multiple capabilities

The competences of SORALUCE in the area of multitasking will be on display at the TECHNOLOGY DAYS event which SORALUCE will hold from the 12th to the 16th of November at their SORALUCE BIMATEC Centre of Excellence located in the German city of Limburg.

At the event, the manufacturer will showcase its development of SORALUCE TA-M, a piece of equipment which is able to carry out milling, turning and grinding operations for parts of different sizes and shapes, with great efficiency and precision.

“This solution means that the number of settings required, and the time needed to prepare the parts are reduced. It also minimises cycle times and the risk of mistakes, subsequently meeting the high versatility, productivity and efficiency requirements of the multitasking concept. It’s a model which was created in response to the machining requirements of highly-demanding components”, adds Andres Mazkiaran.

Concretely, SORALUCE TA-M has the SORALUCE H200T multitasking head, equipped with an innovative spindle rotation locking system which allows it to use milling and turning tools directly, making the use of intermediate elements unnecessary.

Also, the machine includes a milling and turning table with a capacity for parts of 8000 kilograms for milling and 2000 kilograms for turning and a speed range of 6 ÷ 400 rpm.

Designed to provide maximum stability, the solution has vertical travel of 1250 mm and cross travel of 1200 mm and its high level of power means that it can complete roughing operations with a substantial cutting depth.

Therefore, this solution can carry out grinding operations incorporating specific cycles which make programming the different operations extremely easy.

Compact and ergonomic, it’s worth highlighting the ease with which the work area can be accessed, featuring front and back entrances in order to facilitate the setting-up of parts and measuring operations as well as monitoring the machine’s operation.

Premier is proud to be the exclusive distributor of all SORALUCE products in the state of Wisconsin and UP of Michigan.

Call for more details 414-254-5150 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Manufacturing Production Soared in December by John Carney (Jan 18th, 2019)

Production at American factories boomed in December.

Output at U.S. factories grew 1.1 percent last month, the Federal Reserve said Friday. Economists had expected industrial production to be flat to barely rising. Compared with a year ago, industrial production rose 4 percent in December.

Vehicle production jumped 4.7 percent in the month, boosted by demand for light trucks. Compared with a year ago, vehicle production is up 7.8 percent.

Construction supplies production rose 1.6 percent.

Business equipment production was up 0.5 percent, which is a good indicator that U.S. businesses continued to invest in expansion despite the rocky performance of the stock market in December. For the year, this is up 5.0 percent.

Factory output accounts for about 75 percent of overall industrial output, which rose 0.3 percent for the month. That was in line with the forecast. On an annual basis, total industrial production rose 4.0 percent, much higher than 2.9 percent in 2017 and  2016’s paltry 0.5 percent gain.

Mining production rose 1.5 percent, a sharp and unexpected increase.  Production at utilities fell 6.3 percent, likely because December was unseasonably warm in much of the country.

Capacity utilization, which measures actual production against what factories could potentially produce, rose by 0.1 percent to 78.7 percent. Economists had predicted a slight decline.
The jump in factory output indicates that tariffs on steel and aluminum are not weighing on the U.S. as much as critics claimed they would. And the new tariffs on Chinese products, combined with tax cuts, appear to be encouraging domestic manufacturers to expand production.

The December industrial production numbers indicate that earlier anecdotal reports and surveys that suggested a manufacturing slowdown were offbase.

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The Awesome Double Column Machining Centers from SNK since 1958

SNK RB-M Series Multi Centers (Since 1958)

SNK has been manufacturing Double Column Machining Centers for over 50 years, with over 5,000 units installed world-wide. RB-M Series Machining Centers deliver productive 5-face, single set-up machining at an affordable price. Rigid double column design and construction assures peak precision and excellent work envelope access. These machines have both an automatic tool changer and right-angle attachment changer. A wide assortment of spindles is available to meet specific machining requirements. In addition to the X, Y & Z axes, a CNC controlled 4th axis (W) expands machining capability and provides exceptional rigidity for rigorous cutting conditions. The generous quill stroke (Z) allows exceptional access to cavities simplifying deep hole cutting.


5-Face, Single Set-Up Machining

-1 degree indexing (standard) expands multi-face machining capability

-Reduces set-up time - boosts productivity

-Maintains geometries for optimum precision

-Wide assortment of special attachments available including universal, 30 degrees inclined and more

Affordably Priced

-Fast return on investment

Rigid Double Column Design and Construction

-Optimum machine rigidity for rigorous machining

-Superb accuracy and finish capability

-Easy access to work table simplifies set-up

Automatic Tool Changer and Right-Angle Attachment Changer

-Streamlines 5-face machining operations

Wide Assortment of Spindles

-High-speed, High-power, High-torque

CNC Controlled 4th Axis (W)

-Allows expanded machining capability with added rigidity

Generous Quill Stroke

-Ideal for deep pocket machining and tall workpieces

Learn more about the SNK RB-M and all the SNK products from your Wisconsin partner for SNK products - Premier Machine Tool Midwest = Sales 414-254-5150 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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The Very Affordable and Highly Productive: Hwacheon D2-5AX 5-Axis Machining Center

Easily automated mid-sized 5-axis machining center affordable universal machining

D2-5AX is equipped with an acceleration/deceleration conveyance system design optimized for a minimal cycle time and has a structure that allows an easy access to robots and AWC, showing excellent performance in mass production. In addition, it is equipped with the processing software technology developed by Hwacheon to provide improved productivity and accuracy as well as excellent processing quality. High performance single block rigid gantry structure vertical machining center. The symmetric structure provides stability and high precision machining. Moreover, the short distance between spindle center and machine body provides rigid machining. The one-piece meehanite cast-iron base is symmetrically cast to provide maximum rigidity while reducing the effects of thermal distortion on machine accessories.

Click here for a quick demo on the D2

Benefits of D2:


-5-axis Machining Solution

-Enhanced User Convenience

Outperform, produce and profit your competition! Let’s do more with less! All this for under $265,000!

Premier is proud to be the exclusive distributor of all Hwacheon products in the state of Wisconsin and UP of Michigan.

Call for more details 414-254-5150 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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