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Thank You to all our Veterans

Premier Machine Tool Midwest would like to honor all those who have served in the armed forces.

Your years of bravery and dedication are very much appreciated.

May god bless all our veterans and their families on this special day.

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GROB Universal machining centers to take you to the next level with 5 axis solutions

GROB universal machining centers offer you almost limitless possibilities for the milling and mill-turn machining of parts from the most diverse materials. Thanks to their compact design, high productivity and maximum stability, these machining centers guarantee effective manufacture and adapt, through extensive configuration options, ideally to suit individual requirements.

GROB universal machining centers are perfectly suited to the 5-sided machining of parts with chamber holes and chamfers, as well as form and flow profiles. Their unique machine concept makes them ideally equipped for state-of-the-art automation technology.

Universal machining centers for perfectly precise mill-turn operations

Thanks to extensive configuration options, the G350T, G550T and G750T universal mill-turn machining centers can be ideally matched to your requirements. GROB machining centers achieve complete machining of the part by milling and turning in a single clamping, thereby saving time, space and investment costs in your production facility.

The ideal solution for your sector

No matter whether automotive, mechanical engineering, die and mold industries, aerospace, medical or energy technology: Our products cover a convincingly broad range of applications and provide the optimum solution for just about any requirement.

Benefit from decades of expertise and the high quality and reliability of GROB to find the perfect solution for your requirement.

Learn more about the great solutions from Grob which Premier is proud to be the exclusive dealer for the state of Wisconsin and UP of Michigan – Sales 414-254-5150 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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INDEX B400: Universal turning at the highest level

The newly developed CNC universal lathe INDEX B400 impresses with its innovative work area concept and raises universal turning to a new dimension. The stiff and low-vibration machine bed in mineral cast monoblock design ensures best results when machining complex workpieces from batch size 1. With a high spindle torque up to high spindle speeds, even difficult to cut materials can be machined powerfully and reliably. Special feature of the B400 is the completely newly designed and clearly structured work area concept for a variety of applications. The ergonomic design ensures quick setup and easy control of the machine. The proven INDEX iXpanel operating concept and the 18.5“ touch monitor provide the operator at any time with all relevant data for economical production and access to a networked production.

Clearly structured machine design and versatile applications

Decades of accumulated know-how is reflected in numerous design details, such as in a pocket in the panel above the main spindle which ensures collision-free use of long boring bars. Ideal for a wide range of parts

The INDEX B400 represents a logical further development of proven manufacturing solutions within the INDEX Group. Individually equipped, this new flexible universal lathe takes its place both in tooling and prototyping, but also in production.

INDEX B400 - Universal turning at the highest-level Universal lathe for precise and powerful machining

Machine highlights

Your benefits

   Clearly structured and ergonomic work area concept

   Rigid mineral cast bed in 45° monoblock design for high accuracy

   Work spindle with belt drive for high torques

   Bar capacity dia. 82 mm, chuck up to dia. 315 mm

   Orthogonal, linear Y-axis for high accuracy

   NC tailstock with electrically controlled axis

   Already included: the operating system iXpanel i4.0 ready with 18.5” touch screen - based on Siemens S840D sl

Learn more about this awesome solution from the Index group which Premier is proud to be the exclusive dealer for the state of Wisconsin and UP of Michigan – Sales 414-254-5150 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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LISSMAC Metal processing solutions offer both sides at the same time.


LISSMAC systems for metal processing set benchmarks in innovative sheet metal processing through highly-effective, two-sided deburring and edge rounding of punched, laser and fine plasma cut workpieces using only one work process. Unlike grinding machines, SBM-L G1S2s win over customers with more efficient processing work savings of up to 60%.

Both sides - One work step

The innovation – In the dry processing method, the highly efficient double-sided processing of all cut contours (outside and inside contours) on sheets is done in only one work process. Double-sided synchronous processing offers highest productivity in the production process of our customers. The processing principle of LISSMAC systems guarantees across the entire working with optimal tool utilization because the processing of the workpiece is always crossways to the feed direction. The LISSMAC system portfolio comprises three machine series. Depending on customer requirements, the M, L or XL series is used. These series differ in the number of assemblies for workpiece processing.

  • Deburring and edge rounding of parts up to 50 mm material thickness
  • Removal of spots on the sheet metal surface
  • Processing both sides of the parts simultaneously eliminates the need of turning heavy parts and processing them for a second time
  • Simultaneous deburring and edge rounding of interior and exterior contours
  • Dry operation
  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • The processing units can be individually adjusted or turned on and off electrically.
  • Maximum productivity while maintaining machining quality
  • The cross-machining principle guarantees optimum tool utilization over the entire working width.
  • Faster and simpler tool change within just a few minutes
  • Modular and compact in modern machine design - smaller footprint
  • Improved work environment - Reduction of dust, dirt and noise
  • Optionally available: Conveyor Technology; Handling Systems, Automation; Custom Solutions
  • Up to 60 % work time savings compared to one-side processing grinding machines

Learn more about the exciting products solutions that Lissmac offers from your solution providers - Premier Machine Tool Midwest - sales 414-254-5150 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Hwacheon High Speed, High Precision Hi-M G1 VMC for Graphite



Hwacheon Hi-M G1 vertical machining center (VMC) is specially designed to cut graphite. Its quick and precise performance makes it suitable for dry cutting graphite electrode material used in die mold work. The rigid yet compact structure, with a design based on 3D/FEM analysis, and wide LM guides for X/Y/Z axes provide accuracy.

For high-speed operation, the 24,000 RPM spindle is integrated with a high power motor, and without any parts to transfer power between the motor and spindle. This design minimizes vibration, noise and power loss during high-speed rotation. In addition, a bearing grease lubrication system and synchronous temperature control decreases the influence of external temperature variation and improves smoothness.

For quality results, the Hi-M G1 is engineered with a dustproof/waterproof spindle and an advanced dust reduction system. This system includes a sealed roof design that collects the fine dust generated during the machine process. A dustproof air curtain system prevents dust inflow into each axis. Included as standard, the dust collector operates with 5 HP air volume. The design of the Hi-M G1 door enables convenient cleaning.

The user-friendly Hi-M G1 includes a Siemens 828D controller. It provides flexible, interactive programming, as well as controls that enable high productivity.

Hi-M G1 specifications include a spindle coolant system, an HSK-E40 spindle taper, a 29.52" x 23.62" table with an 881.84 lb. load capacity and a 16 tool ATC. The machine occupies 83.26" x 87.8" of floor space and weighs 10,582 lbs. The dimensions of the dust collector are 38.18" x 38.18".

Other applications of the Hi-M G1 include high precision graphite automotive parts machining.

To learn more about the great solutions that Hwacheon offers please contact us at Sales 414-254-5150 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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