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Hwacheon Vertical Machining Center: Vesta 1050b: Heavy Duty Machining Stability

In Heavy Duty Cutting, Stability Is the Key

Everything about VESTA-1050B is Heavy Duty. This machining center doesn't miss even the smallest detail to ensure top performance.

The spindle is the heart of a machining center, and Hwacheon's technical know-how for the spindle is unrivaled. Hwacheon's high-performance spindle is designed using 3D simulations and FEM analysis, the motor is directly integrated into the spindle for stable, high speed cutting. To minimize thermal displacement and to increase the life of the spindle assembly, the unit is grease-lubricated and jacket cooled. The advanced feed drive complements the spindle for highly precise machining results every time.

Main Features


-         High-rigid Box way design for whole axes

-         Hwacheon’s Handmade Gear driven Spindle : Std.(BT-40) / Opt.(BT-50): 18.5/15kW (481 Nm)


-         Max. Spindle Speed: 8,000rpm (Opt.: 6,000rpm)


-         Compact machine design

-         Full Splash Guard (Perfect protection of leaking)

-         Easy access & Maintenance design

-         Environment friendly oil separation system


-         Hwacheon’s Original Technology - Std.: HAI/HTLD/OPTIMA/HTDC(HSDC+HFDC)

There is so much more to know about the Box Way Hwacheon VESTA 1050B Vertical Machining Center and why it is the right solution for your heavy duty applications.

Learn more today- Sales 414-254-5150 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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