PMT Midwest

PMT Midwest

With a motto of “We don’t make steel, we make steel flat.” you know exactly what ARKU delivers. Premier has teamed up with ARKU to offer the finest flattening, leveling, and straightening for steel producers and suppliers to you right here in the Midwest. As an industry leader, ARKU does more than make steel flat. It also ensures stress-free metal that will hold up during your toughest projects.

The technology of the machines reduces the amount of scrap metal, cutting down on your overall costs, adding stronger margins to your bottom line. If you need your steel perfectly flat, or have interest in learning how ARKU can add value to your business, contact us today!

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Customer Support

For Customer Service, Contact Dan Porter at 414-550-9155

For Customer Support, Contact Josh Witt at 414-550-4895

For Sales, Contact A.J. Schweda at 414-254-5150