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2018 Year in Review: JOBS Linx Millturn – High Speed Linear Motor Overhead Gantry

Back in February, we discussed the High-Speed Linear gantry machine from JOBS & SNK

LinX Millturn is the first creation of a vertical milling/turning machine with linear motors in the world for very high speed and high-power roughing and finishing multitasking machining. It is fitted with rotary table with high loading capacity for milling and turning operations. Combined with the table, the machine is equipped with the TMX Millturn head with integrated milling and turning functions to which a specifically designed electrospindle has been fitted.

LinX Millturn makes it possible to:

• reduce the number of machining phases

• reduce the number of devices, positioning and tools

• reduce part handling/standby

• reduce machining time

• simplify planning

• maximum finished part precision

Learn more about what JOBS has to offer from Premier Machine Tool Midwest your dealer for Wisconsin and UP of Michigan - 414-254-5150 / info@pmtmidwest. com

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