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Breeding Success with Consistent Great Service


Have you ever noticed how when you are buying a machine tool, all the dealers that you invite in to quote, they tell you how great they service their machines?

But when you do a little more research you find out their service is all talk and not consistent.

Salesmen will always keep selling even if they know they have bad service and it is a shame. This forces the customers to do more research to find out they are just been given a line of bull.

On today’s premier post minute, we wanted to discuss how quality products with consistent great service will breed your success.

Think about when you go to chick-fill-a, they consistently say your welcome or how can I help you and thank you. You go to other fast-food places and they treat you like you are a burden to them. Who is training these people?

Service rules but people only focus on this when trying to get the sale rather than consistently providing quality service throughout the experience.

Our customers are successful because we make sure to provide them the quality service, we all hope and wish for consistently.

We would love to have you as one of our customers, please text or email me the word “consistency” and we look forward to providing you a list of our consistently happy customers. This will help make your decision much easier on who do business with.

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