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Do you remember your first cell phone? Big Bulky and Slow? Could you answer emails, check the weather, or visit websites on it? How long would your battery last or worst how hot did it get? And if your phone got wet, what were the chances of it working again? To say the least, those phones weren’t very efficient or reliable.

Take a look at your new phone, (Pull out new phone) the design changes as they are sleek and smooth, these phones are now powerful micro-computers that fit in your pocket, last for years, extended battery life, AND their waterproof! Overall, the reliability and efficiency of these devices have increased substantially.

On today’s Premier Post Minute, I’m going to be discussing reliability and efficiency by design.

Let me say that again, by design!

Eagle Laser’s ideal design has made it the most efficient and reliable fiber laser on the market because they only build and design Fiber Laser machines. While all our competitors had to convert all their Co2 lasers machines to fiber. These old and outdated Co2 designs are now supposed to support Fiber? Why take a step backwards when you can step up to the latest in fiber laser technology?

Each design change Eagle implemented greatly increases the efficiency to make their machines more profitable and productive.

So, The Ideal Laser starts at the body of the machine, with a sturdy polymer granite base to reduce vibration and completely mitigate thermal growth.

Then you move onto the bridge and head of the machine, the ultra-light weight carbon fiber bridge weighs under 100lbs. with the reduced of the total moveable mass this allows the fastest acceleration in the industry, up to 6G's OF ACCELERATION.

Plus, to move the mass at center of gravity giving us greater stability. With such a small amount of mass to move, we also have the fastest deceleration which can save your machine from excessive damage in crashes.

The proprietary EvA cutting head is capable to go up to 20 kW of cutting power! (And I hear it can handle 30kW

This is one of the most reliable heads in the industry, with 14” between the cutting nozzle (hold a tape measure locked on 14”) and the cover glass, we minimize the chance of debris damaging the protective cover glass.

And why do people keep using slow hydraulic lifts to change pallets? There’s an old saying by Lao Tzu “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. So instead, our pallet changer is only 9 seconds! *Lean in* Which also happens to be the fastest in the industry. This is due to the simple servo motor chain driven pallet changer for easy, fast and reliable pallet changes.

Why would anyone want to buy an old, outdated phone that wasn’t designed for today’s needs? Well, that is what you are buying if you purchase one of those old designed Co2 conversion machines!

We would love to have you as one of our customers and add you to the growing list of successful and profitable Eagle owners. If you would like to learn more about how an Eagle can impact your business email or text us the words “By Design” to 414-254-5150.

As always, stay safe, and be sure to keep washing those hands.

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