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PMT Midwest


Deslagging machine SOLUTION from LISSMAC

The LISSMAC SBM-M D2 is a highly efficient machine for slag removal of thick sheet metal plates in one single pass. Applications: deslagging Material: steel The most significant benefits: + Two-side slag removal of plasma and thermal cut sheets up to 120 mm + Saving of tool costs incurred by mechanical deslagging –no time-consuming and expensive grinding + Two-side slag removal saves the time intensive turning of the often very heavy workpieces or machining of parts twice + Up to 60 % work time savings compared to one-side processing machines + Modular and compact in modern machine design - smaller footprint + Dry operation + The cross-machining principle guarantees uniform tool utilization over the entire working width. + Upper and lower assemblies separated can be adjusted or turned on and off electrically + Innovative tooling and material feed system allows for optimum handling of burrs and uneven surface of pieces + Maximum productivity while maintaining machining quality + Improved work environment - Reduction of dust, dirt and noise + Optionally available: Conveyor Systems; Material Handling; Robotics & Automation; Processing Tools

Click here for a quick video on this great process solution from Lissmac

Premier is proud to work with the Lissmac group to provide the right solutions for all your deslagging needs.

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