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Do you need SPEED in your lathe? Check out the Index Faster Automatic Lathe - The Highly Productive C100

Faster automatic lathe by INDEX - The C100

With highly responsive control and drives, the workhorse INDEX C100 is a highly productive means of machining stock in the 30-42mm range with more tools (42 quick-change tools, fixed and driven), higher horsepower, and greater torque, but with spindle speeds typical of Swiss-style machines.

The flexibility and speed of Swiss machines in 42-, 65-, and 90 mm capacities

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With three 14-position tool turrets, 160mm chuck size, and identical powerful main- and counter-spindles, the INDEX C200 and C100 automatic lathes are designed for fast, cost-competitive production in a single setup of medium complexity parts turned from 42-90 mm diameter bar stock in the automotive, fittings, fluid power, optics, and medical industries.

Ideal for small to medium lot sizes, the machines are targeted to handle fixed headstock work often run on Swiss-type machines.

Delivering higher horsepower and greater torque but with the RPM typical of Swiss-style machines, the C machines assure short setup times and very fast cycle times even for small to medium batches. Maximum rigidity and dampening due to the INDEX SingleSlide technology and superior machine bed design coupled with highly dynamic kinematics makes short work of tough to machine materials.

   Up to 30% quicker cycle times in stainless steel

   Up to 30% better tool life

   2 Y axes for reduced cycle times

   13 axes available to cut simultaneously

   3 turrets, up to 42 tools with the capability of 3 driven tools in the cut at all times utilizing an 8000 RPM tool drive

   Up to 7000 rpm from identical main- and counter-spindles

   Preset, quick-change INDEX-designed tooling assures reduced setup and precise radial tool location--less than 7 microns repeatability up to 100 mm from the mounting surface

   INDEX SingleSlide plate type slide system permits rapids in X and Z axes up to 60 m/min and accelerations up to 1 g with maximum rigidity and dampening, resulting in better surface finishes and stable process capability.

It all adds up to near-zero idle times, unequalled process flexibility, and productivity that puts you in the global fast lane.

Learn more about this fast machine from Index from your exclusive distributor for the state of Wisconsin and UP of Michigan- Premier Machine Tool Midwest – Sales 414-254-5150 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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