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How to Eliminate those Limits



In Manufacturing, limitations mean 3 things; more headaches, less productivity, and the hardest one to hear… less profit.

So, what would it be worth to you if we could get rid of one major limitation that everyone has accepted as normal?

On today’s Premier Post Minute, I’m going to be discussing one limitation that your shop should not have to deal with anymore.

Are you tired of having limited tooling on your turning center? Do you wish you could store more of your redundant tooling, or even store additional live tools in a magazine for those highly complex work pieces? How beneficial would it be to leave multiple jobs set up on one machine?

Well let me introduce you to the Hwacheon C2, designed to give you the freedom to perform longer uninterrupted runs, on an automation ready system. It is capable to manufacture parts in complex geometry with a single chucking and its standard-fitted automatic tool changer enables prompt machining of parts that require many tools. Yes I said automatic tool changer for a turning center!

How long has a standard 12 position turret been limiting you from being able to run long complex parts or worst, not allowed you to leave multiple jobs set up on one machine? Well the C2 has a standard 12 position turret just like the rest but the amazing feature that no one else has is a standard 11 position tool magazine for automatic tool changing. This allows you flexibility to use more tools for complex work to finish the job one machine or allow you to leave multiple short run jobs set up to run when you need to run without having to reset up the job every time you need to run it. Plus with the Y-axis and C Axis functions it makes this a machine we only dreamed about in the past!

With an optional sub spindle, bar feeder, and parts catcher, this machine is ready to increase your productivity and possibly replace up to 3 machines. And with floor space being at a premium these days, it is critical to get the most out of every square foot in your shop.

So, if you’re looking to reduce the limitations of your shop we would love to have you as one of our customers. Call or text us the words “no limitations” to (414) 254-5150 and we can start the process of making your shop limitless. Take care and Stay warm.

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