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How to Manufacture Your Attitude!


I heard this joke the other day, sometimes I wake up crabby and other days I let her sleep.

sorry for the bad joke but how many of us wake up with a bad attitude, cranky with what we think the day will bring us?

Some people just think negatively, and others are always thinking the glass is half full. Two totally different attitudes

In today's Premier Post Minute we want to discuss how you can manufacture a better attitude.

First thing to do is - Don’t outsource your attitude - manufacture your attitude that is the way to get through the dog days of winter and this pandemic.

You ask how to manufacture your attitude? How about starting your day reading a book? Or listening to your favorite music? Or how about watching your favorite comedian.

There are many ways to get into the right attitude.

And you just need to find the best way for you.

For me, reading a few pages each morning of a book from Jeffrey Gitomer or Harvey Mackay, Dale Carnage or Napoleon Hill puts me in the right mood for the day.

If you need a book to get you started with read “the little engine who could” this is a good start for the right attitude.

Whether it is a book or going down the rabbit hole of your favorite music or watching your favorite comedian on YouTube you can manufacture your attitude in a positive way.

We help our customers manufacture the right attitude whenever possible and we would love to have you as one of our customers.

If we can help you manufacture your attitude, please email or text us the word “attitude” and we look forward to positively speaking with you.

Today is a great day.... make it your great day!

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