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How To Unscramble your Eggs


Good morning, today did you start your day with scrambled eggs for breakfast? Getting a good breakfast is always a good start.

As we are entering our four week of the new year are we needing to unscramble your eggs? Or better stated do you need a time scramble?

Are you to the point in this new year that you have a million things to do today and you do not have time to do them?

Most of us must decide if today is the day to get things done and reset our time scramble.

In today’s Premier Post Minute we want to discuss unscrambling your eggs and how new machinery technology can improve your time management.

Just one example is we have customers who state that this old machine is paid for and I am making money every time I am turning on that machine. But are you?

What if a new machine was 3 times faster and at the end of the week your productivity was through the roof.

Would that improve your time scramble? Would that help give improved delivery times? Your productivity and ultimately your profit at the end of the week would improve.

Looking at investing in new technology can help improve that time issue you are experiencing. But I know you might say once I get that new equipment, I might need a new operator and we will address that in an upcoming video. Others will say but now I have a payment that I did not have before but that can you not afford to invest before your competitors do?

We need to look at technology as your friend and realize the investment of being more productive and profitable out weights the thought that old Betsy is paid for and still running. old Betsy needs to go to your competitor so you can be the lead dog and leave them in your dust.

To learn more about how we can help improve your time scramble please text or email us the words “unscramble me please” and we will show you some great solutions that will unscramble your time and improve your profits.

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