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PPM- Reshoring Good Paying MFG Jobs- Interview Harry Moser


In this edition of the Premier Post Minute we are very honored to have our incredibly special guest- Harry Moser.

Harry is the Founder of Reshoring Initiative started back in 2010. Their mission is to bring good, well-paying manufacturing jobs back to the United States by assisting companies to more accurately assess their total cost of offshoring, and shift the collective thinking from offshoring is cheaper to local reduces the total cost of ownership. They are a nonprofit organization

Reshoring is gaining momentum throughout the country. Many companies have already repatriated some of their manufacturing efforts, and the Reshoring Initiative is continuing to spread the “return-manufacturing-home” message to help other manufacturers realize America is an advantageous place to produce goods.

The United States used to be the world’s industrial powerhouse!

Why Reshore?

There are many reasons for American manufacturers to reevaluate offshoring and consider reshoring. Companies are increasingly recognizing that costs, risks and strategic impacts previously ignored are large enough to overcome the shrinking emerging market wage advantages. They are seeing the benefits of proximity, i.e. producing in the market, especially when the home market is the U.S., still the world’s largest.

Thank you for your time today as we look forward to all of you becoming one of our customers.

Let us start by calling or texting me the word “reshoring” and we will get you more information on how we can continue this great effort of reshoring good paying manufacturing jobs back to the USA.

Learn more at Premier Machine Tool Midwest: Sales 414-254-5150 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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