PMT Midwest

PMT Midwest


Production turning machine for highly productive bar machining- The INDEX C200 – a turning machine for complex workpieces.

With the INDEX C100 and C200 production turning machines, new opportunities open up for high-speed production of parts turned from bar stock. Despite their compact exterior dimensions, the INDEX C100 and C200 as 2 or 3-turret-machines offer a spacious working area for the complete machining of workpieces. The guideway system INDEX SingleSlide guarantees substantially high dynamics with optimum vibration damping. This has a very positive effect on workpiece quality and tool life, with simultaneously reduced cycle times.

Click here for a quick video on this incredible machine:

Machine highlights

Your benefits

   Fast production of bar turned parts

   Generous work area for complete machining of workpieces

   The INDEX SingleSlide guide system ensures a significantly faster dynamic response.

   High acceleration (1g) and high rapid traverses (60 m/min)

   2 powerful motor spindles of identical design

   Already included: the operating system iXpanel - i4.0 ready with 18.5” touch screen and INDEX C200 sl based on Siemens S840D sl

Premier is proud to be the exclusive dealer for all Index Traub products for the state of Wisconsin and UP of Michigan. To learn more about all the great products that we offer please call Sales 414-254-5150 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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