PMT Midwest

PMT Midwest


Rethink Quality with Hexagon - Find out how you can influence quality from your role within the manufacturing process.

Rethink Quality in Design and Engineering, Production and Metrology with Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence.

Work Smarter- Place quality at the heart of your smart factory strategy.

Manufacturing with Quality Throughout the Product Lifecycle

In our consumer-driven world, success can hinge on ‘perceived quality’ – the customer perception of the products they purchase. Major brands are actively promoting a quality image and demanding that their factories and suppliers live up to their consumers’ expectations. In short, if you work in manufacturing, quality is your business.

But who is responsible for the quality of the products you produce? Is it the metrology experts in the quality department? The team responsible for the production process? Maybe it’s the designers and engineers who came up with the concept in the first place?

Think that quality is the responsibility of one department? Think again.

At Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, we believe that quality is a shared responsibility amongst stakeholders throughout the product lifecycle. Every person in every department who interacts with a component as it makes its journey from design to reality can affect quality. Our solutions enable you to rethink quality in your department and collaborate with your colleagues on site and around the world to design and engineer, produce and measure quality – and ensure you deliver quality to your customers.

Premier is proud to work with Hexagon on all their products for the state of Wisconsin and UP of Michigan. To learn more about all the great solutions that we offer please call Sales 414-254-5150 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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