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PMT Midwest


Sell The Problem You Solve


If the value exceeds the pricing, they will buy.

Most marketing and advertising departments today, always state they have the lowest price. Especially in car advertising.

Do we all only buy based on the cheapest price?

We are in the machine tool business dealing manufacturing companies of all products and our customers don’t want to save money, they want to make a profit.

And most want to make MORE profit.

In today’s Premier post minute, we want to discuss how we sell the problem we solve, rather than a just product.

When we sell the problem we solve, the value of our equipment exceeds the pricing because it will helps our customers produce more and ultimately make more profit.

We show our customers how the value of our equipment helps them win, produce and profit. This is why our customers see our true value of us selling the problem we solve and how they win.

We would love to add you to our growing list of customers, please email or text the word “Value” and we will help show you what you look for and that is perceived value of distributor and the products they supply 

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