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SHOW PREVIEW: Premier Post- Show Edition 2019

Customers want partnerships with their machine distributors, NOT fancy sales pitches.

Customers today have less time to be dealing with machinery salespeople, but they are more knowledgeable because of all they can learn from the internet. What customers ultimately want is a partnership! Chris Bell wrote a book called “Customers as Partners” that states, “effective partnerships can keep customers returning, through thick and thin, for better or worse, in good times and in bad.” Effective customer partnerships have qualities that can ensure their success. These are qualities the service provider must initiate, demonstrate, or replicate. While the concept of customer partnership generally implies a long-standing relationship, the feeling of partnership may be created in short-term relationships.

So, when I say customers want partnerships and not fancy sales pitches. For years I have observed many companies with fancy pitches trying to woo customers. At Premier, we have looked for and been most successful with our customers who are demanding, tough and fair. These customers want a partnership that works for them and when it does, they will work for us too. With our customers, we both don’t keep score, as we both know what is at stake and we take care of each other. We have a partnership with our customers, and we respect the relationship and work to exceed all their expectations.

When selecting a machine tool distributor to work with some customers select them by the brands they carry or by who the distributor is. But others want more from their distributor and they accept the treatment they receive as just the cost of doing business. Our customers are discovering Premier Machine Tool Midwest is providing MORE. They want more quality, better service and better machines and that is exactly what Premier provides. If you demand MORE, MORE accuracy, MORE productivity, MORE production and FASTER service and MORE support, then you should be contacting Premier Machine Tool Midwest.

We have been successful because customers that demand MORE are receiving MORE! We excel with the customers who deserve more, and our machines demand it. We are very selective of the companies we represent. What I mean by that is we demand them to have facilities in the United States and not be brought in by a professional importer who could lose or drop the line at any time and leave you, the customer, vulnerable. We demand more of them and this is due to us having a partnership with you and making sure we take care of the relationship. Some people may not care about this, but we know from our customers that this is a huge issue for them.

We invite you to stop in and help Premier Machine Tool celebrate our 8th anniversary at the Wisconsin Mfg. & Technology show in BOOTH #211. Let us help you discover more about the equipment we represent and more importantly about the people of Premier and how we start new partnerships and what you can gain from this type of relationship.



NEW Hwacheon Sirius UM+ High Precision Machining Center

North America Debut of the NEW High Speed Vertical Machining Center for Precision machining and Die/Mold from Hwacheon.

This is the perfect Die and Mold solution you've been looking for. SIRIUS-UM+ is manufactured to perfection with Hwacheon's workmanship that is the quality recognized and envied by everyone in the industry; and it guarantees to give you a perfect result every time. The high performance spindle which integrates Hwacheon's Air-Oil Cooling technology ensures consistent quality result after hours and hours of operation, while the machine's Optimal Machining system gives you a total production solution, from tool selection to final product. SIRIUS-UM+ is designed using 3D simulations and the FEM analysis to achieve structural rigidity which can translate to quality product results; while the Hwacheon designed machining software components enhance safety and the work efficiency.

Hwacheon performance leaves competition in the dust- This is the best Die Mold Center you can get, Period!

INDEX C200 Production Turning Center

This is the first time Index Traub will be displaying at the Wisconsin show. We are excited to show why Index Traub is the LEADER for production turning.

With the INDEX C200 (And C100) production turning machines, new opportunities open up for high-speed production of parts turned from bar stock. Despite their compact exterior dimensions, the INDEX C200 (and C100) as 2 or 3-turret-machines offer a spacious working area for the complete machining of workpieces. The guideway system INDEX SingleSlide guarantees substantially high dynamics with optimum vibration damping.

This has a very positive effect on workpiece quality and tool life, with simultaneously reduced cycle times.

Hwacheon D2-5X Machining Center

The Very Affordable and Highly Productive: Hwacheon D2-5AX 5-Axis Machining Center

D2-5AX is equipped with an acceleration/deceleration conveyance system design optimized for a minimal cycle time and has a structure that allows an easy access to robots and AWC, showing excellent performance in mass production. In addition, it is equipped with the processing software technology developed by Hwacheon to provide improved productivity and accuracy as well as excellent processing quality. High performance single block rigid gantry structure vertical machining center. The symmetric structure provides stability and high precision machining. Moreover, the short distance between spindle center and machine body provides rigid machining. The one-piece meehanite cast-iron base is symmetrically cast to provide maximum rigidity while reducing the effects of thermal distortion on machine accessories

Hwacheon HiT 400 Drill Tap machine


HiT 400 is high-speed tapping center providing optimized base speed for IT part, HDD and aluminum processing. It guarantee high quality especially on IT & automobile parts and is applied with BBT-30 which is directly connected high speed spindle possible for minimizing tapping and drilling as standard. Rapid tool change and travel minimize non-cutting time and fulfill high productivity. Ceramic bearing is applied for high rpm in order for minimizing thermal deformation. HiT series ensures stable & high quality even when operating for a long time and provides faster & safer working condition and realize user-friendly operating & optimal process with wide variety of additional function.

Hwacheon HiTech 230B YSMC CNC Lathe

Need to find the leader in the small CNC lathe market- The Hwacheon HiTech 230 out-specs all the competition.

The New Standard for 8-10" Lathe Faithful to the Basics the Hwacheon Hi-TECH 230 provides more reliable machining performance based on excellent machine rigidity and upgraded specifications compared to the existing 8-10" lathes with box-way structure and provides greatly enhanced user convenience and maintainability. The Y-axis model has Y-axis stroke of up to ±60 mm (±2.36 inch), the largest in clas.

Eagle Fiber Laser

Premier is proud to announce that we now carry Eagle Fiber Lasers – the fastest growing and most advanced fiber laser in Europe comes to Wisconsin. Brian Kent of Fairmont Machinery says, “As the nationwide master distributor for Eagle Laser, we are thrilled to work with Premier in Wisconsin. Their reputation and customer focus lines up perfectly with the industry leading performance of Eagle machines.”

A.J. Schweda of Premier said, “When we first learned of Eagle Laser and the incredible success it has had in Europe, we immediately saw it could help our customers. It offers the highest power from 2 to 15kW, quickest motion with linear motors on all axes, and fastest pallet change of just 9 seconds. These attributes will let our job shop customers win projects and in-house manufacturing customers cut costs.”

“Unmatched service and support backs these industry leading machines,” said Josh Witt of Premier. “Eagle machines come with a next-day service tech guarantee. If you have a critical need, a service tech will be there by the next working day or you receive $1000 for each day late – now that’s a guarantee with some teeth in it.”

Learn more about the machine that is changing the entire future of fiber laser cutting. Eagle staff will be on site during the Wisconsin Mfg. & Technology show Oct 8th -10th in booth #211.

GROB 5 Axis Machines

It is quite likely that you or someone you know is connected to GROB. With the majority of automotive engine blocks globally manufactured likely being done on GROB systems, your ride to work today may have been courtesy of GROB in one way or another.

In this time of a skilled labor workforce shortage, the global market place relies on GROB to become more productivity and more efficient as the only significant metric to improve our profits and margins.

If you do not beat your competitor to the new leading technology, you will forever be playing catch up.

GROB universal machining centers offer you almost limitless possibilities for the milling and mill-turn machining of parts from the most diverse materials. Thanks to their compact design, high productivity and maximum stability, these machining centers guarantee effective manufacture and adapt, through extensive configuration options, ideally to suit individual requirements.

GROB universal machining centers are perfectly suited to the 5-sided machining of parts with chamber holes and chamfers, as well as form and flow profiles. Their unique machine concept makes them ideally equipped for state-of-the-art automation technology.

GROB is helping make so many companies perform, produce and be more profitable.

Grob personnel will be on site during the Wisconsin Mfg. & Technology show Oct 8th -10th in booth #211. Stop by booth #211 or contact us today to learn about the Grob Advantages as Premier is proud to be the exclusive dealer for all Grob products for the State of Wisconsin and UP of Michigan.


SNK America is a world leader in the design and development of large machine tools for the aerospace, transportation, energy, construction and mining industries.

SNK offers the best in Double Column Machining Centers that they have been building since 1958. With over 5,000 units installed world-wide. RB-M Series Machining Centers deliver productive 5-face, single set-up machining at an affordable price. Rigid double column design and construction assures peak precision and excellent work envelope access. These machines have both an automatic tool changer and right-angle attachment changer. A wide assortment of spindles is available to meet specific machining requirements. In addition to the X, Y & Z axes, a CNC controlled 4th axis (W) expands machining capability and provides exceptional rigidity for rigorous cutting conditions. The generous quill stroke (Z) allows exceptional access to cavities simplifying deep hole cutting.

SNK also specializes in 5 Axis Machining Centers offering High Speed Profilers, High Rail Gantry machines, Gantry machines and compact specialized profilers. They also offer planer type boring mills and special purpose metalcutting equipment.

SNK America also offers the great products from JOBS that offers a great variety of milling centers for the machining of medium/large-size components with complex shapes and profiles or sculptured surfaces, in tough materials such as alloy steel and titanium alloys, light alloys and composites. Jobs machines perfectly match the highest levels of productivity, flexibility, ergonomics, and sustainable environmental impact with solutions, which guarantee drastic reduction in production time, high accuracy and surface finishing quality.

SNK America staff will be on site during the Wisconsin Mfg. & Technology show Oct 8th -10th in booth #211.

Premier is proud to continue our long-standing relationship to offer all the great SNK & JOBS products to our customers

Niigata Horzontal machining Centers

Niigata is a pioneer in the machine tool industry, providing unique horizontal machining center solutions. The name Niigata stands for quality, reliability, and innovation. Niigata Machine Techno Co has been an established World Leader in Horizontal Machine Centers for over a century.

Premier is proud to be the dealer for all Niigata products for the state of Wisconsin and UP of Michigan.

Learn more about Niigata in booth #211

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