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SHOW TIME: Industry Forming Partnerships with Local High Schools to Successfully Fill the Labor Shortage Presented by: AJ Schweda, Owner, Premier Machine Tool Midwest, with Jeff Letschwager & Anthony Christian, Arrowhead High School- Today at 11:30am

Isn’t almost everyone you talk to trying to find employees these days? One creative approach is taking place at Arrowhead High School in Hartland, Wisconsin. Arrowhead has formed an advisory board (like many other high schools and tech schools around the state) with local companies in mind. These companies benefit from having a say in what is taught in the classroom but also given the opportunities to meet the students first hand. Starting this kind of relationship is no quick fix but a long-term solution. Students become familiar with names and faces. This session will show you how companies can be successful partners with your local high school to engage students in manufacturing at an early age.

Come learn more today at 11:30am at the Wisconsin Mfg & Technology show - held in “THE HUB” presented by WEDC – Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation

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