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Success or Failure.......with your machine tool provider


The difference between failure and success is doing a thing nearly right and doing it exactly right. This quote is credited to Edward C. Simmons

What frustrates you about your current provider of CNC machines tools?

In today’s premier post minute - we discuss Hwacheon Machinery and how you can be successful with them.

Doing things exactly right is what Hwacheon strives for in the building process of their machines. Whether it is a CNC lathe, CNC Mill or a die/mold machine from foundry to final assembly this is what sets them apart.

So many now are just assemblers of machines tools as they buy parts from whoever is cheapest and have no worry about what country it comes from. WRONG ANSWER!

Hwacheon believes in FULL vertical integration to provide value to their customers.

Here is how:

1 – Over 60 years of craftsmanship.

Hwacheon has been leading Korea’s production industry.

   Korea is known to the world as an industrial powerhouse, and Hwacheon has been behind Korea’s prowess since the 50s, after Korea started to recover from the ruins of Korean war. In 1977, Hwacheon had built Korea’s first NC lathe, and internationally only behind three countries. After that Hwacheon came up with its own version of CNC milling machine and horizontal machining centers, contributing greatly to Korea’s economic success.

2 - Tough quality standard.

Hwacheon’s products and services are unparalleled.

   We live by the principle that we only offer the best products and services in the industry. Hwacheon’s high quality products will promise you high productivity; and our services will outfit you with the competitive edge you need.

3- Challenging. Passionate.

We will not rest to develop and innovate ourselves.

Hwacheon’s product development lab is forefront of Hwacheon’s passion. The lab has accumulated a half centuries of machine tool technology, and continues to enhance the technology behind CNC lathes, factory automation, molding, precision measurement and control.

4- Technologies.

Hwacheon spindles and CNC software are created with Hwacheon’s proprietary technologies.

The performance of a machine tool depends on the performance of the spindle, the scraping system, and the software. Hwacheon is self-sufficient over these key technologies, and therefore can provide the products and services custom-made to fit each client’s requirements.

5- Machining is our middle name.

Your productivity is our concern; and providing you with the optimal machining solution is our job.

To improve the machining quality for all forms of work subject and work proficiency, Hwacheon sup-ports One-Stop Machining. Hwacheon will continue to support the clients in sustaining their success, by providing them with high level of products satisfaction.

6 -Global.

Hwacheon is nearby-wherever you are.

   Hwacheon has sales offices and service outlets all around the globe in four continents. Also, to provide you with quality service at your convenience, you can find Hwacheon’s local corporations in more than thirty countries including the U.S., Germany, Singapore, and India. Experience Hwacheon’s differentiated client service today, wherever you may be.

7- Your partner for life.

We believe that if we do not provide value to your growth, little else matters.

A long, stable partnership begins with the trust in each other. Hwacheon is devoted to your success-Hwacheon listens to you to provide the best solutions for you. Your success is our business, and gaining your trust is our priority.

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We look forward to you becoming one of our customers

Today is a great day, please enjoy it and continue to stay safe and healthy

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