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Do you demand performance from your large milling machines?

How do you measure your large machining performance?

In today’s Premier Post Minute – I want to talk with you about SNK - known as the mother machine because SNK builds the machines that build machines.

We are so excited to represent SNK who has been building bridge machines since 1958 with many incredible developments. So many are trying to play catch up but why? When you can have the best from SNK who will make you more profitable and productivity. Read more about why SNK is the moneymaking solution for you.

SNK has been manufacturing Double Column Machining Centers for over 50 years, with over 5,000 units installed world-wide. RB-M Series Machining Centers deliver productive 5-face, single set-up machining at an affordable price. Rigid double column design and construction assures peak precision and excellent work envelope access. These machines have both an automatic tool changer and right-angle attachment changer. A wide assortment of spindles is available to meet specific machining requirements. In addition to the X,Y & Z axes, a CNC controlled 4th axis (W) expands machining capability and provides exceptional rigidity for rigorous cutting conditions. The generous quill stroke (Z) allows exceptional access to cavities simplifying deep hole cutting.

So, if you need to build machines, look to the mother of machines- SNK

We look forward to you becoming one of our customers. Let us start by calling or texting me the words “mother” and will share exciting information for you to improve your performance.

Today is a great day, make it your great day!

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