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This Awesome HWACHEON SIRIUS-UM+ is a high precision vertical machining center will be delivered to one of our Wisconsin customers next week

One of our customers is excited to take delivery of this awesome high precision and high-speed vertical machining center for his high tolerance work. The latest machine from hwacheon will make you more profitable and productivity. Read more about why Hwacheon UM+ machine is going to make a big difference for our customer and could for you too!

New High-Speed Compact VMC

The HWACHEON SIRIUS-UM+ is a high precision vertical machining center (VMC) equipped with a wide selection of built-in motor spindle options ranging from 20,000 RPM to 45,000 RPM. With travels of 29.53" x 19.69" x 17.72", the SIRIUS-UM+ has a competitive advantage in high precision applications. "The very compact design of the machine, high accuracy and superb machining performances have made the HWACHEON SIRIUS-UM+ a highly anticipated machine within the high precision, parts and tooling industries," said a Hwacheon spokesperson.

The HWACHEON SIRIUS-UM+ is designed using 3D simulation and FEM analysis to achieve structural rigidity. The insulated machine frame is a rigid bilateral gate structure that firmly supports the X-axis drive and diverts load, vibration and heat from the upper section of the machine evenly throughout the frame. Equipped with an insulated detachable cover, vibration is isolated under the coil conveyor for quieter machining. "These features help keep the feed drive stable after hours of operation. Additionally, the short distance between the X-axis drive and the tool's point of contact is a plus for maintaining rigidity and for enhancing machining precision," continued the spokesperson.

The high-performance spindle integrates with Hwacheon's patented oil-jet lubrication technology to provide consistent quality results after hours of operation. The oil-jet cooling and lubrication system injects a jet of oil directly onto the spindle bearing for effective cooling. The motor and spindle assembly are jacket cooled to limit displacement caused by heat. More notable upgrades are the spindle motor power, which has increased on the SIRIUS-UM+ to 37/18.5 kW from 18.5/11 kW; the 30-tool magazine holder; and the high-rigid, symmetric machine structure.

Hwacheon-designed machining software components monitor different variables related to the work environment and machining conditions, then make adjustments for best quality results and optimum machining efficiency. This software was specifically developed to increase thermal accuracy and machining performances to the highest level.


   HTLD-Hwacheon's Tool Load Detect provides real time measurement of tool load ensuring consistent and safe machining. HTLD constantly monitors tool damage and deterioration for prevention of complete tool failure causing workpiece damage. To ensure accuracy and performance, HTLD measures tool load every 8 msecs.

   HECC-Hwacheon's High-Efficiency Contour Control System offers an easy to use programming interface system that provides a precise, custom contour control for the selected workpiece engineered to prolong machine life and decrease process time. HECC offers different options for cutting speed and accuracy, and for surface finish and geometry. The customizable display provides real-time monitoring and quick, easy access. HECC may be used with existing NC data systems and is compatible with G-code programming.

   OPTIMA-Hwacheon Cutting Feed Optimization System utilizes an adaptive control method to regulate the feedrate in real time to sustain a consistent cutting load while machining. "As a result, cutting tools are less prone to damage and machining time is reduced," said the spokesperson. OPTIMA controls the feed velocity to maintain consistent cutting load. Features provided with OPTIMA include a graphic display of tool load and feedrate, convenient operation using G-code programming, and a number of data sets for specific tool and process control. To provide high productivity, OPTIMA operates in conjunction with HTLD.

   HFDC-Hwacheon Frame Displacement Control System is equipped with highly sensitive thermal sensors mounted at various locations in the machine castings where thermal displacement is possible. HFDC monitors and corrects detected thermal displacement.

   HTDC-Hwacheon Thermal Displacement Control system integrates the Hwacheon Spindle Displacement Control system and the Frame Displacement Control system.

   HSDC-Hwacheon Spindle Displacement Control System-As a spindle rotates at high speed, centrifugal forces and heat expand the spindle taper, causing error in the Z-axis. HSDC constantly monitors temperature at a number of points within the spindle assembly predicting thermal displacement. The HSDC system then makes necessary adjustments and effectively minimizes thermal displacement, correcting Z-axis error occurring from taper expansion as the spindle rotates at high speed.

"The HWACHEON SIRIUS-UM+ with its Optimal Machining System delivers a total production method from tool selection to final product and has proven to be the perfect choice for high precision applications of various kinds and materials," said the spokesperson.

Learn more from your exclusive Hwacheon Dealer for Wisconsin and UP of Michigan - Premier Machine Tool Midwest Sales 414-254-5150 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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