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This machine will change the way you think about turning and milling: The NEW Hwacheon C1/C2 Multi-Process Turning Center for Complex Parts

Hwacheon C1/C2 Multi-Process Turning Center

Half turning center, half machining center (Y- and C-axis control), our C1 Series with 3-stack turret and tool changer can completely manufacture parts with complicated shapes in a single chucking operation. To minimize thermal displacement, the arrangement of units in the heat-symmetrical structure provides superior thermal stability. Hwacheon’s original cooling system ensures that the rotary tool module inside the turret maintains exceptional processing quality, even during prolonged operation. Independent orthogonal structure of X, Y and Z-axes reduces feed error to zero for high rigidity and precision, even during prolonged processing.

Click here for a quick video on this AWESOME multi-process machine from Hwacheon

Learn more about how the C1/C2 can change the way you think and make you more productive and profitable with one machine.

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