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What do your customers think about your Fabrication production capabilities? Learn the Truth of the impact of Increasing Power with the Eagle Fiber Laser and how it can help you improve for your customers!

Click here to see the video on why increased power helps!

Impact of Increasing Power

Eagle fiber laser is shown cutting 1/2-inch-thick steel from 4 to 15kW of power. As you increase power you increase cut speed on thick plate, but you also increase cut speed on thin sheet, if your machine has high enough acceleration (G's). Watch and read about:

•             The Power Effect - increasing laser power lowers cost & increases profits

•             The patented eVa cutting head, with only 3 consumables

•             Reliability by design - at any power level

Premier Machine Tool Midwest is proud to be the exclusive Eagle Fiber Laser distributor for the States of Wisconsin and UP of Michigan. Learn more about the impacts of increased power like some of our customers already have!

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