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When two Histories meet, success to follow


In early 1945 WWII was coming to an end and manufacturing in Wisconsin was booming. Allis Chalmers in West Allis Wisconsin was pumping out parts for naval ships, agricultural equipment, construction equipment, generators, and power transmissions for factories. Manufacturing in Wisconsin was hitting a critical point in its development for the next 60 years.

On Today's episode of the Premier Post Minute, we want to talk about a little business that started back in 1945…. Hwacheon Machine Tool.

Hwacheon has always been regarded as a high-end machine tool builder due to their strong history of providing excellent machine tools, ever since the first lathe was produced in 1945. There are hundreds of Hwacheon machines here in Wisconsin, and some of the oldest running machines I have seen in shops are Hwacheon’s because they just - keep - running!   Hwacheon’s success is due to their vertically integrated business plan that allows for internal error correction and continuous improvements of their machine tools. Owning their own foundry and automotive production facilities helped them become Master of Quality control as well.

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