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Year in Review: Solutions for 2019 with the Kira Twin Spindle Production Center

Today, we go back to the beginning of the year in February for our popular post on the Kira Twin Spindle Production Center.

Click here for a quick video on the Kira Twin Spindle Machines

Kira Twin Spindle Production center solution will help you perform, produce and profit in 2019

Key Features

(Twin Spindle)

   Two Spindles

   Traveling Column Models

   Automatic Pallet Changer

   Twin Spindle Machines Reduce Number of Machines Required

   Temperature Controlled Spindles

Key Benefits

   Doubles Product Output - Two Parts Can Be Worked On At the Same Time

   Fixed Table Provides Support for Extremely Heavy Workpieces & Fixtures

   Machines Can Be Fitted with Lift & Carry Transfer Systems for Automatic Un-Manned Fixtures

   Loading & Unloading Takes Place During Machining Cycle Increasing Output & Makes Output More Predictable

   Reduces Machine Capital Equipment Costs

   Cuts in Half the Cost of Peripheral Equipment (Ex: Automation, Robots, Chip Conveyors, Higher Pressure Through & Through, Fixtures, Hydraulics

   Eliminates Thermal Growth & Headstock - Improving Accuracy & Repeatability

Call your exclusive Kira dealer for the State of Wisconsin and UP of Michigan - Premier Machine Tool Midwest - Sales 414-254-5150 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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