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Year in Review- Top 10 Blogs of 2019- #8 Blog- Happy To Attend Another Hwacheon Dealer Counsel Meeting This Week from back on January 9th, 2019

Our #8 blog post was from when Josh and I attending the Hwacheon Dealer Counsel meeting back in January. We appreciate being part of this great group to help lend a voice for what our customers want and like about their Hwacheon machines and Hwacheon listens to all of us. It is one of the reasons Hwacheon is growing quickly as more and more customers learn about how great the Hwacheon company and the machines really are!

Premier was very happy to attend another Hwacheon Dealer Counsel meeting this week as it is great to have a manufacture who wants to listen to their dealers and learn more about the industries and customers we represent. Through these meetings it makes all of us stronger as we implement improvements and provide a better solution for our customers.

Since 1952, Hwacheon Machinery has been a World-Leading developer of high quality, highly productive, durable machining solution for precision milling and turning applications.

Mechanical craftsmanship, technical leadership, rigid quality standards, global presence, and excellence in service ensure their customers a consistent advantage in productivity. Hwacheon Machinery will drive to earn your confidence.

From Foundry to Final Assembly; It’s what sets them apart.

Click here to see a quick cutting demo of the Hwacheon Machines

Learn more why so many of our customers are choosing Hwacheon as their machine of choice. Premier is proud to be the exclusive distributor for all Hwacheon products for the state of Wisconsin and UP of Michigan – Sales 414-254-5150 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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