PMT Midwest

PMT Midwest


To some, stamping and fabrication may sound like simple tasks, but to Premier Machine Tool Midwest, we know how a mismanaged simple task can turn into a complex, costly mistake that you work hard each day to avoid. That is why Premier represents machine tools that are state-of-the-art and we can confidently say, guarantee precision. Further, your selection of options is nearly endless, with a complete line of press-feeding lines, metal processing, metal folding, corner forming, press brakes, waterjet solutions, and saw solutions.

Quality, time, and budget are all a factor when selecting a stamping and fabricating partner and solution. Don’t waste yours. Contact Premier today and discover why so many of your peers will confidently say you made the best choice possible for your business.

Customer Support

For Customer Service, Contact Dan Porter at 414-550-9155

For Customer Support, Contact Josh Witt at 414-550-4895

For Sales, Contact A.J. Schweda at 414-254-5150